If your question is not answered here, please email us at transition@longdean.herts.sch.uk.

My child was not allocated a place at Longdean, what should I do?
If you were allocated a lower preference school then you will automatically remain on the continued interest list for a place at Longdean. You can see a list of key dates for the admissions process here. If you haven’t been allocated a place by July, you can make an in-year application to the school.

What will the school be doing to help my child transition to secondary school?
There are plenty of opportunities for your child to come to Longdean between now and starting with us in September and we will be running some parent events too to help you prepare your child for secondary school. A list of transition events can be found in the dates for your diary section. 

What do I do if my child is ill?
Contact the year 7 Pastoral Manager.

My child has forgotten their school log in details
Contact your child’s form tutor or ICT support by clicking here and they will be able to help you.

What is iPay?
You can use iPay to make payment for trips, top up students’ credit and click and collect from the school shop. You will receive log in details for iPay via email which will enable you to register your account.

I do not have a computer at home, how can you support my child?
Longdean School runs homework club after school in the library where your child can use a school computer. We also run a laptop scheme which involves monthly contributions towards the purchase of a device. Details will be released in September for this.

Where does my child record their homework?
All homework will be recorded on Show My Homework. Each student will have an account, which parents/guardians are also able to access with a separate code. This is also available as an app. Students will be provided with a log soon after they start with us.

Where can I buy school uniform from?
School uniform can be purchased from Marks & Spencer or Stevensons. PE kit is available from Peter Spiveys. Equipment and ties are also available from the school shop. More information is available here

How does my child sign up for after school clubs?
Within the first few weeks of joining us we will run a Freshers Fair where students will learn about all the clubs on offer at Longdean and sign themselves up. If they decide to join at a later date they can just turn up to a session and join in. More details about our extra-curricular activities can be found here.

When will after school clubs start?
After school clubs will start soon after the freshers fair which will take place within the first few weeks of joining us in September. 

What time to after school clubs finish?
Most after school clubs finish at 4:30pm, however ask your child to check with the staff member who runs the club to confirm this. 

Can I choose what language my child is taught in year 7?
There are many factors taken in to consideration when determining which language a child is allocated and the allocations are not done until nearer to September. If you have a particular preference for either Spanish or French you are welcome to send a request via email to transition@longdean.herts.sch.uk and we shall endeavour to accommodate your request, although it can't be guaranteed. 

When will I find out what House and Form Group my child is in?
House/form group allocations are determined after primary school visits in the summer term and parents will be notified prior to the taster days in June/July.

Where can I get a school tie?
Once your child's house has been confirmed, you will be able to purchase a school tie. Ties will be available to purchase either online or you can buy one from the school shop. The school shop will be attending some of our transition events between now and September so keep an eye out for this in parent communications.

What are the Specialist Pathways?
We offer students in year 7 the opportunity to join one of our specialist pathways in either Performing Arts or STEM. 

Does my child have to apply for one of the Specialist Pathways?
No, the pathways are optional and are intended to give students with a passion in either Performing Arts or STEM the opportunity to spend more time learning these subjects.

Does the canteen cater for varied dietary requirements, e.g. nut allergies, gluten free, vegetarian, halal etc.?
The canteen offer both meat and vegetarian options and all meat options are prepared using halal meat. No nuts are used in any of the food at the school. If your child has a more specific dietary requirement, for example coeliac, and you'd like them to eat school dinners, you would need to send an email confirming to specify their dietary needs and the canteen will ensure that a meal is provided each day. Alternatively you may wish for your child to bring in a packed lunch.