Key Stage 4

At Longdean School, our Key Stage 4 curriculum starts in Year 9 and finishes at the end of Year 11. In Key Stage 4, students are currently taught in one of two pathways (P and Q). They both follow a core curriculum of English, Maths, Science (Combined or Triple), Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE), Ethics (RE) and Physical Education (PE). P Pathway students also study a foreign language (French or Spanish), while Q Pathway students can add an extra vocational three-year option. 

Click here to view our Pathways diagram, and select the buttons below for information on the course content and examination/assessment details for each subject:

Students can then choose four (P Pathway) or five (Q Pathway) subjects – one or two studied over a three-year period and three subjects each studied over a one-year period. Students discuss these choices during a meeting in Year 8 with a senior member of staff, and are allowed to change their mind during Years 9 and 10. Most option groups have a mixture of Year 9, 10 and 11 students in them.

Three-year options

A choice of ONE or TWO of the following: Computer Science, Geography, History or Triple Science (that is, extra Science lessons, leading to GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics). These options will be studied over three years with exams at the end of Year 11. Select the buttons below for more information on course content and examination/assessment:

One-year options

Students also have the option of studying one-year options which have exams at the end of the year of study. There is an extensive range of subjects to choose from – from GCSEs, which are more exam-based, to BTECs, CNATs or WTECs, which are more course-work based (but equivalent to GCSEs). If a student is seen to be falling behind in English and/or Maths in Years 10 or 11, they may also follow a catch-up programme instead of doing their one-year option

Below are the one-year options available. Select a button for more information on course content and examination/assessment:

Alternative Pathway Options

There are alternative pathways available here.