We are proud of our sixth-form students and what they achieve through their hard work and dedication. They are active participants in our school community as well as being role models for our younger students. Our Sixth Form offers a wide range of subjects and the ability to combine academic and vocational qualifications. All learning is personalised to suit individual needs, and teaching is of the highest quality.

As well as supporting their academic achievement, we provide our sixth-formers with opportunities, through our PSHE and tutoring programmes, careers guidance and enrichment activities, to develop skills beyond the classroom that will benefit them later in life.

Sixth Form Dress Code is available [here].

Sixth Form Planned Hours Policy is available [here].

Mrs L.Harley
Director of Post-16



Updated 02/11/2023

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When I was struggling with my university application, a member of Sixth Form staff sat down with me to go through everything that I needed. Because they teach the subject I’m applying for, they also knew how I should present myself, which I found very beneficial.



My favourite subject is psychology and, after school, I hope to go to university and study hard to get the best degree and make my mum proud. Sixth Form’s been great, and whenever I’ve felt overwhelmed by things at home or schoolwork, the staff and teachers have always been there for me to talk to.



My favourite memory of Sixth Form so far was the computer science trip to Berlin. The trip itself was a great experience and we did so many activities in the few days we were there. It was also a good chance to get to know some of people who I had never really spoken to before.



I have got an offer from the University of Cambridge to read Engineering, and I am planning to go there in September. Longdean was incredibly supportive during my application. The school put on many talks with current and former Oxbridge students and organised practice interviews with senior members of staff to strengthen my interview skills.