Student support

To learn well, succeed in your studies and grow as an individual, every student needs support – and at Longdean we are well known for the high quality of pastoral care and practical assistance we provide. We are committed to getting to know and getting the best out of each and every student.

Read on to find out about the support we offer you.

Pastoral care
The school has an experienced team of staff, including Pastoral Managers and Form Tutors, to oversee students’ care and welfare. They are here to support, advise, guide and help you with whatever issues you may have – from homework to anxiety, family difficulties to bullying – visit our Meet Our Team page for details of who they are. There is a Pastoral Manager for each year group, as well as a Transition Coordinator to help you make the move from primary school to Year 7 at Longdean. There is a dedicated Pastoral Manager for post 16, to support older students with their next steps, including further study, work and apprenticeships. Support is also provided for any personal issues that our Sixth Form students may be experiencing.

Peer support
No one knows more about being a student at Longdean than a student at Longdean. That’s why we encourage our older students to support our younger pupils, helping them to deal with challenges such as making the transition from primary to secondary school. 


The MCR charity was established to support young people who have experienced disadvantage and help them realise their full potential through education. We do this through our school-based mentoring programme – matching young people with a fully-trained volunteer mentor.

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Our Alumni Network
Our Alumni Network helps to raise our careers programme to the next level. Through the network, former Longdean students offer to share the experience, industry expertise and work skills they have gained since leaving us.  We have Alumni supporting many of our careers events, acting as career role models/mentors, and providing work experience for students. If you would like to join our Alumni Network click here.

Parent/carer liaison
Families have a key role to play in supporting students to achieve their best. We work closely with your parents, keeping them up to date with your progress academically through parents evenings and other events, and providing information via this website, the Longdean Link and weekly extra-curricular bulletins.

Information regarding your child’s academic progress, attendance, positive achievement points and negative behaviour points, can be accessed via the Go4Schools app. This app will provide live, up to date information, designed to keep you as up to date as possible. Your child’s school reports are also provided via this app.

Online support for students

A downloadable summay is available [here] with links to external organisations to help students.

Student Wellbeing at Longdean

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Learning resources
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Updated 28/02/2024