Young Herts Talent

Longdean have recently started working with MCR pathways to introduce the Young Herts Talent programme. 

This is an exciting opportunity for the students as the YHT programme offers young people the chance to take part in either groupwork sessions (KS3) or to benefit from the MCR Pathways award-winning mentor scheme (KS4). Year Heads and Pastoral Managers are able to put students forward for the scheme.

This programme is being led by the school's MCR Pathway Coordinator, Sophie Nairne.

Groupwork (KS3)

Our groupwork sessions are led by the Pathway Coordinator and are offered to Year 7 and 8. The sessions run for one hour a week and include various topics such as Health & Wellbeing, Relationships & Teambuilding, Resilience and many more. 

Mentoring (KS4)

The mentoring scheme is offered to Years 9 through to 13. As part of the mentoring scheme, students will be invited in for an informal 1:1 chat with the Pathways Coordinator who will discuss their likes and dislikes and find out more about the student and their interests. From there, the Pathways Coordinator will find and match the student to a mentor who they feel would help the student achieve their best potential and help to nurture their talents.

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