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Nov 23, 2023

What Parents & Carers need to know about Black Friday

Such radical reductions are especially welcome at this time of year – but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also peak season for scammers, who bet on a sense of urgency blinding shoppers to the red flags in their ‘offers’. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide highlights some common warning signs to help you bag the goods without being left out of pocket.

Gone are the days of Black Friday only existing in the physical environs of the high street. Now, both this retail landmark and its sister event, Cyber Monday, see deals and discounts displayed across almost every online retailer. The array of reductions makes this an ideal moment to treat a loved one (or yourself!) to those treasured items for considerably less than their usual cost.

The frantic dash for the best bargains online, however, also harbours several risks: chiefly, cybercriminals hoping to exploit people’s excitement and hoodwink them out of their hard-earned cash. Our #WakeUpWednesday has some expert pointers on keeping your both your money and your personal information safe while still making the most of the spectacular sales.

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