Feb 27, 2023

1/2 Marathon for Cancer Research UK

Hello!  My name is Sara Ait Si Brahim and I am currently in year 12 at Longdean.

I am running the 2023 Edinburgh half marathon for Cancer Research UK in order to raise as much money as possible to support all of those who are currently fighting against cancer or have experienced a loss due to cancer. I have personally experienced a loss due to cancer and have seen many of my family and friends also experience loss due to this heart-breaking disease.

I am very proud to be running the half marathon in support of Cancer Research UK, whose research and trials have made a huge amount of progress against cancer. Cancer Research has helped make the public more aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer, which can potentially save thousands of lives every year.

Cancer can affect anyone at any time and so it is our responsibility to unite and fight against it.

To support me and my journey, I ask you to please donate any amount possible to my JustGiving page and become a part of change.


Cancer Research

     Thank you!



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