Making Music at Longdean

Practical music making is at the heart of what we do in Longdean – we sing, play different instruments and enjoy creating our own soundtracks with music technology, studying music from around the world, music from throughout history and music that we hear all around us. Music is a thriving option choice for both Key Stages 4 & 5, and this reflects our students’ abilities, creativity and love of the Performing Arts, building on successful roots that are established at key stage 3. 
September 2020 will see an exciting range of opportunities for you to be involved in, many of them new 😊.  Years 7 & 8 will see a shift in focus towards ukulele playing and we are strongly encouraging students to bring their own instruments in. Options and Key Stage 5 students will be continuing with their exam courses as usual – but with a greater focus towards solo performing.  All students will be embracing current technologies to produce their own music.  To support this, the school has invested in new software which will be available to all, accessible at home and at school and personalised to each student, has established an Assisted Instrument Purchase scheme to reduce the cost of instruments to make them affordable for parents and has continued to work with Hertfordshire Music Service to ensure that individual music lessons will remain available.  Support has been implemented for PP and FSM students and we are looking to ensure that no student is at a disadvantage regarding their access to the subject, because of the impact of the virus. 
In light of government guidance following lockdown, currently limiting the sharing of equipment and whole class singing, these changes to the curriculum will enable us all, whatever our previous experience, to continue to make music together. Hopefully you’ll find them fun and creative.  They certainly mean everyone can achieve, regardless of circumstances around us and we look forward to enjoying the journey with you. 
Information on each of the key stages and on the schemes we are running, is below.  If you have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will endeavour to answer them.

Updated 01/12/2020