Sport & PE


This qualification aims to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills of the principles of Sport and Physical Activity. Students will gain an insight into the sporting world as they investigate opportunities for delivering sport and physical activity to a wide range of participants, whether it is to mobilise sedentary people to improve their health and wellbeing or to support regular participants to improve their performance and fitness, all done in a safe and professional environment. In doing so, students will also gain core skills required for further study or employment.

Exam board: OCR
Syllabus title: Level 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Sport and Physical Education (Sports Coaching Double Award)
Course code: 5829

Course content


This course is the equivalent of two A-level options.

The applied Diploma in Sport and Physical Education is assessed using a combination of internally controlled assessments and an external examination

The following units will be externally assessed:
Unit 1 (90) – Body Systems and the Effects of Physical Activity Unit 3 (60) – Sports Organisation and Development
Unit 4 (90) – Working Safely in Sport, Exercise, Health and Leisure

This will include a 90-minute examination, which includes short and extended answer questions.

The following units are mandatory and will be internally assessed and externally moderated:

Unit 2 (90) – Sports Coaching and Activity Leadership Unit 5 (60) – Performance Analysis in Sport and Exercise Unit 8 (60) – Organisation of Sports Events
Unit 11 (30) – Physical Activity for Specific Groups
Unit 17 (60)– Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation
Unit 18 (60) – Practical Skills in Sport and Physical Activity

There are then additional units, which will be internally assessed and externally moderated:

Unit 10 (60)– Biomechanics and Movement Analysis
Unit 13 (60) – Health and Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise Unit 19 (60) – Sport and Exercise Psychology

Assessment and weighting

Each of the above units are given a Guided Learning Hours (GLH) value. This total must then add up to 720 GLH to fulfil the requirement of the double award status. Please note that the number of GLH of each module is given in the brackets, for example,  Unit 1 (90) – Body Systems and the Effect of Physical Activity


This will be the first year that we run the course. With the modules on this course, we hope to create many opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. This will hopefully include sport facility visits, visiting other schools to lead activities, university visits and residential opportunities.

Future career opportunities

Higher Education
Sports coach
Exercise physiologist
Fitness centre manager
Personal trainer
Activities director
Sports events manager
Sports scientist
Sports administrator
Sports journalist
Sports therapist
Sports development officer
Sports research analyst

Qualifications/school record


  • Level 4 in English and Maths at GCSE
  • 95% attendance in Year 11
  • A good attitude to learning in PE in KS3 and/or KS4


  • A general interest in sport.


  • Hard-working
  • Positive
  • Enjoys fieldwork



  • Organisation and time management
  • Ability to learn facts and figures, and retain information
  • An interest in many aspects of sport and physical education 
  • An interest in current affairs
  • An ability to structure written essays
  • Independence


  • N/A



  • An enjoyment of sport


  • Have represented the school in at least one sport at some point during your school career.