Studying Spanish at A-Level will enable you to develop your knowledge and understanding of Spanish culture and social issues whilst developing your written and spoken fluency. The course will provide you with critical and analytical skills crucial to further study and to understanding the wider world.


  • develop control of the language to convey meaning using spoken and written skills,
  • develop language learning skills and strategies, including communication strategies to sustain communication and build fluency and confidence
  • promote and develop capacity for critical and analytical thinking
  • engage critically with intellectually stimulating texts, films and other materials in the original language
  • develop knowledge of key issues in the society and culture, past and present, of the country or countries where the language is spoken
  • develop transferable independent research skills

Exam board: Edexcel
Syllabus title: Pearson Edexcel GCE in Spanish
Course code: A Level – 9SP0/01

Course content

Study of the following themes:.

Theme 1: The evolution of Spanish society

Theme 1 is set in the context of Spain only

  • Changes in the structure of Families.
  • The World of Work
  • Impact of Tourism on Spain.

Theme 2: Political and Artistic culture in the Spanish-speaking world

Theme 2 is set in the context of Spanish-speaking countries and communities.

  • The changes, trends and impact of Music on contemporary society
  • The impact of Media and communication on society and politics.
  • Festivals and Traditions.

Theme 3: La inmigración y la sociedad multicultural española

Theme 3 is set in the context of Spain only

  • The Positive Impact on Spanish society
  • The challenges of immigration and integration on Spanish society.
  • Public and social response to immigration in Spain.


Theme 4: The Franco dictatorship and the transition to democracy

Theme 4 is set in the context of Spain only

  • The Spanish Civil War and the rise of Franco (1936-1939).
  • Daily life and oppression under the Franco dictatorship.
  • Transition from dictatorship to democracy

Study of one Spanish language film

Study of one Spanish language literary text (play or book)

Assessment and weighting

Paper 1: 40% Listening/Reading and Translation. (80 marks) (2h)
Paper 2: 30% Writing based on book and film (120 marks) (2h 40mins)

Paper 3: 30% Speaking (72 marks) (21-23 mins) 


  • Cinema (film in the target language)
  • Theatre (play in the target language)
  • Trip to France ((residential or/and day trip)

Future opportunities/ career

Modern Foreign Language A Levels are seen as facilitating subjects by the Russell group of universities. Many students combine a language with business, law or IT. Language skills are highly prized by employers in general and may also lead to foreign travel and job opportunities abroad.

Qualifications/ School record


  • 6 in English and Maths
  • 7 at GCSE French
  • 95% attendance in year 11
  • Engaged in learning at KS4


  • Hard working
  • Positive
  • Interested in the world around you
  • Sociable/ enthusiastic
  • Reader
  • Confident speaker
  • Independent worker
  • Organized
  • Curious about the world around you




  • Prepared to do independent research


  • Team worker
  • Leadership
  • Takes part in class discussions 
  • To be able to research effectively

No Experience Required