This course is designed to give an understanding of politics, government and political ideologies. Students will study key ideas in politics for both the UK and the USA including, political parties, leadership, pressure groups, human rights, the executive, legislative and judicial branches, voting systems and behaviour, democracy and constitutions. Students will also compare different political systems across a range of countries.


Students will develop knowledge of different political issues and institutions, analysing patterns and themes within them. Students will develop strong essay writing, argumentative, source analysis and debating skills throughout the course.


Exam board: Edexcel
Syllabus title: A Level Politics
Course code: 9PL0

Course content

Paper 1:  UK Politics

Paper 2: UK Government

Paper 3: Comparative Politics (US and UK)

Assessment and weighting

You are assessed on your essay writing, source analysis and argumentative skills. There are three exams all of which are equally weighted in contributing to your final grade. All exams include a combination of source and essay questions and are 2 hours each.


Day trip to London to tour the Houses of Parliament and complete politics workshops in either year 12 or 13. We are hoping to introduce a trip to Washington DC which will run every two years for both Year 12 and 13s.

Future opportunities/careers

Politics is a widely respected A Level choice with a variety of transferable skills that prepare students effectively for further study at university or for entering a range of jobs.  Politics often leads students into careers including: journalism, law, education, civil service, political activism, working for MPs/political parties, publishing, business, marketing and advertising.

Person specification

Qualifications/school record


  • 5 or above in English Language at GCSE
  • 95% attendance in Year 11
  • A good attitude to learning
  • Interested in and aware of current events


  • 6 or above in English Language at GCSE
  • Outstanding attitude to learning
  • Studying another essay-based subject at A Level


  • Hard Working and motivated
  • Enthusiastic about Politics
  • Positive attitude
  • Independent
  • Resilient



  • Organised
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Extended writing
  • Analysis


  • Research skills
  • Debating
  • Time Management
  • Ability to work without direct supervision
  • Able to be objective



  • Essay writing
  • Analysing texts
  • Research


  • Willingness to learn Politics outside the classroom
  • Interest in watching/reading the news