This course is designed to let you experience a range of Historical topics that address different periods and countries. Students will study key themes like fascism, democracy, dictatorship, colonialism and imperialism and will study the rise of Fascism in Italy, Germany from 1918-89, and the British Empire across five of its colonies – Egypt, India, Australia, America and Canada.


Students will develop knowledge of different Historical periods, analysing patterns and themes within them. Students will develop strong essay writing, argumentative, source analysis and interpretations skills throughout the course.

Exam board:   Edexcel
Syllabus title: A Level History
Course code:  9HI0

Course content

Paper 1:  Germany and West Germany, 1918-1989

Paper 2: The Rise and Fall of Fascism in Italy, 1911-1946

Paper 3: Britain: Losing and Gaining and Empire, 1763-1914

Coursework: The Origins of World War I


Assessment and weighting

You are assessed on your essay writing, source analysis and interpretations analysis skills. There are three exams – Paper 1 is 2 hours 15 minutes (30%), Paper 2 is 1 hour 30 minutes (20%), Paper 3 is 2 hours 15 minutes (30%) and the coursework piece is four thousand words on historical interpretations and is worth 20% of the final grade.


Rome/ Berlin (every 2 years): The department organises a 4 day trip to either Rome or Berlin to enhance understanding of their units on Italy and Germany. The trips focus on visiting key historical sites, with expert tour guides to help expand students’ knowledge in preparation for their exams and allows students a valuable and different cultural experience.

Future opportunities/ career

History is a widely respected A Level choice with a variety of transferable skills that prepare students effectively for further study at university or for entering a range of jobs.  History often leads students into careers including: journalism, law, education, civil service, publishing, archaeology, archiving and heritage, business, politics, marketing and advertising.

Qualifications/ School record


  • 6 or above in History at GCSE

  • If History has not been taken 6 or above in English Language

  • 95% attendance in Year 11

  • A good attitude to learning in History KS3 and/or KS4


  • 6 or above in English Language at GCSE

  • Outstanding attitude to learning in History

  • Studying another essay-based subject at A Level


  • Hard Working and motivated

  • Enthusiastic about History

  • Positive attitude

  • Independent

  • Resilient



  • Organised

  • Written and verbal communication

  • Critical thinking

  • Extended writing

  • Analysis


  • Research skills

  • Time Management

  • Ability to work without direct supervision

  • Able to be objective



  • Essay writing

  • Analysing texts

  • Research


  • Referencing and using Google Scholar
  • Willingness to learn History outside the classroom