Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care

Studying Health and Social Care at L3 will enable you to consider different roles and responsibilities within the H&SC sector in the UK. The course will highlight different effective ways of working in H&SC as well as promoting critical thinking in students to be able to determine the best ways to deliver care to service users.


To provide an introduction for students into the Health and Social Care sector. It incorporates relevant topics, such as ‘working in health and social care’, that will help students who wish to enter into this sector for employment.

Exam board: Edxcel
Syllabus title: BTEC Health and Social Care Extended Certificate
Course code: 601/7197/2 (two-year full course, BTEC)

Course content

4 x Units

Unit 1 – Human Lifespan Development
Unit 2 – Working in Health and Social Care
Unit 5 – Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs
Unit 14 - Physiological Disorders and their Care

Assessment and weighting

2 year course:
2 exams (Unit 1 and Unit 2) – 280 GLM
2 Coursework units (Unit 5 and Unit 11) – 150 GLM


Trips/visits Volunteering opportunities and possibly work experience.

Future opportunities/ career

The new BTEC Health and Social Care course is a broad introduction to study of the health and social care sector. It will support progression to higher education if you are interested in continuing your studies. Career opportunities include working in social services, nursing homes, childcare or even if you would like to become a healthcare assistance. The world of health and social care has a broad spectrum of jobs available.

Qualifications/ School record


  • Level 4 GCSE English, Maths and Biology
  • 95% attendance in year 11
  • Good attitude to learning.


  • C or above in GCSE Psychology or Sociology
  • Merit (or distinction) in Child Development
  • C or above for a Higher Project Qualification


  • Hard working
  • Motivated
  • Enthusiastic



  • Good writing skills
  • Enjoys researching
  • Organised


  • Happy to work in a group or independently
  • Willingness to participate in presentations



  • Someone who is keen to study and potentially work within the health and social care sector


  • Participation in research
  • Has an interest in the NHS and healthcare sector

Updated 04/03/2022