Ofsted Report - December 2015

At its most recent Ofsted inspection Longdean School was rated 'a good school.'

Longdean students ‘are proud of their academy.  They enjoy coming to school.’  The ‘academy’s commitment to the pupils’ welfare is outstanding.  A dedicated staff team have exceptionally effective systems for pupils’ pastoral care.’  Inspectors ‘witnessed nothing but good behaviour in lessons and pupils told them that this was typical.’

‘Pupils benefit from interesting and engaging lessons’ in which ‘teachers frequently model the skills needed to be a successful learner’.  ‘Achievement in many subjects is strong’ and ‘pupils’ good and improving outcomes mean that they are well prepared for the next stage of their education, employment or training.’

Core GCSEs studied over three years and a GCSE option sat in each of Yr 9, 10 and 11 are ‘providing pupils with a good experience of taking examinations through these three years, and mean that they take their studies very seriously because they know that an examination is approaching.  The outcomes of this approach have been successful.  Pupils are very positive about this aspect of the academy’s curriculum.’

The sixth form ‘provides learning to meet a wide range of needs.  Leadership in the sixth form is good’ and leaders ‘know learners and their circumstances well.’

‘The headteacher has a very clear understanding of the academy’s strengths and where the academy needs to improve.  His vision for the academy is communicated very effectively and his determination to create a high quality of education for pupils is a powerful factor in the academy’s success.’

Please click here for full report, and here for Hemel Today's online article about the Ofsted visit.