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Snd Frnd to school

Sir Mike Penning MP visits Longdean school in Hemel Hempstead to see pupils’ campaign to end to the global education crisis that’s keeping 263 million children out of school 

Sir Mike Penning MP went  back to school at Longdean on Thursday 25th January 2018  to hear from pupils calling for increased investment to ensure every child across the world receives a quality education. Hundreds of MPs will be taking part in the Send My Friend to School campaign during 2018, which will involve thousands of young people across the UK.

World leaders have made clear a promise to ensure every child in the world gets a quality education by 2030. But a key piece of the puzzle is missing – the money to pay for this education – leaving the global picture with 263 million children missing out on school, and many of those in school not learning.

2018 is the year to change this education funding crisis - in the coming months world leaders will be pledging support to the Global Partnership for Education, the world’s joint fund for education. Students at Longdean School want to ensure that the UK government pledges big and so have been getting creative to get their MP’s attention.

Mrs Redwan at Longdean School said: "Our fantastic group of Year 8 students have been finding out about the limited resources preventing millions of children across the world from receiving a quality education and now they are so passionate about doing something change the situation.”

Students presented their Campaign to Sir Penning MP: “To get our MPs attention the children have created eye-catching paper jigsaw piece schools symbolising that there is a missing piece in the global education puzzle – the money to pay for good quality schooling. They decorated their paper jigsaw pieces with the elements they feel are most important for a quality education and have added their own messages about why they think the UK should invest in the power of education. They gave these to Sir Mike Penning MP, who agreed to  take the message to the government.” 

The Rt Hon Sir Mike Penning MP said afterwards:

IMG 6134“I very much enjoyed visiting Longdean School to learn about students’ work on the Send My Friend to School campaign. Education gives children and young people the opportunity to improve their lives and their country. I firmly believe all children have a right to a decent education no matter where they live.

“We can all be proud that between 2011 and 2015, the UK has used our overseas aid money to help over 11 million children, including 5.3 million girls, attend primary and lower secondary schools in developing countries. We will also help another 11 million children get a decent education by 2020.

“I look forward to meeting the students again when we present the campaign to 10 Downing Street.“

Ema Jackson, Campaigns Manager for the Send My Friend to School campaign said: “Education is powerful and transformative, and a basic human right for all children but despite this, 236 million receive no education and many more are in school but not learning. The world is experiencing an urgent education crisis. So I am delighted that pupils at Longdean School are engaging with Sir Mike Penning MP to demand the UK invests in the future of the world. They are joining thousands of young people across the country - we are expecting MPs to be inundated with thousands of these creative jigsaw pieces covered with important messages! We hope this will push them in to action.”

All schools are invited to get involved with the Send My Friend campaign - visit sendmyfriend.org for a free teaching resource pack with everything needed to take action on this important issue.

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Lion King 

Lion King


We recently attended a Lion King music and movement workshop at Pineapple LogoStudios in London before going to see the West End show at the Lyceum theatre.

The trip was with 20 Year 8s who are also participating in a 12 week course of English and Art that is using elements of The Lion King as inspiration.

The YSC will be coming in to Longdean to perform Romeo and Juliet for Year 8s (Wednesday 7th February) and Macbeth for Year 9s (Monday 19th February). They will work through various aspects of the play to enhance students' understanding before performing an abridged version.



2017 Ski Trip

Ski Trip 1

This year we travelled with 80 students to Killington in Vermont, USA. Known as ‘The Beast of the East’, the resort has a wealth of slopes, catering for all abilities. The students enjoyed their time on the slopes, many progressing on to some of the more challenging runs that the mountain has to offer.

Evenings included swimming, bowling, ice skating and an ice cream party.

We also travelled for two days in New York, with the highlight being shopping and a night time party/dinner boat cruise around Manhattan.

Next year we will be returning with 120 students!






No sooner was the school’s new MUGA completed and handed over to us, we had our very first external letting, in the guise of a local netball league who have relocated over to Longdean.

Netball 1709

Hemel Hempstead and District League have been playing for over 25 years based at Adeyfield School, but from now on, will be based here at Longdean.

They have 3 Divisions - Premier, Division One and Division Two and there are currently 9 teams in each Division.

Games are played on a Saturday morning and there are 4 time slots: 09.30 - 10.30 / 10.45 - 11.45/ 12.00 - 13.00 / 13.15 - 14.15

Their website is www.hemelnetball.co.uk which will have contact details for anyone who wants to get involved. They also have their own League Facebook page.

Coordinator Sarah McClement reported ‘The season got off to a great start on Saturday and everyone seemed to really like the new courts’

The school is looking forward to opening its facilities to more community groups, for information about potential lettings please contact premises manager, Andy Wheeler.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
01442205762 / 07872600354

Stretton breaks own world record in W1 qualification

The 17-year-old Paralympic Champion shot one of three world records set during Beijing qualifying.

Rio 2016 Paralympic Champion Jessica Stretton scored 657 out of a possible 720 points over the 50-metre ranking round to break her own W1 women’s world record by a point at the 2017 World Archery Para Championships in Beijing, China.

 Stretton 1709
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